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Fans of the racing genre will be familiar with Smashy Road Wanted 2 Apk. Released in the year 2000 by Bearbit Studios B.V, the game has had a lot of success and is now one of their most beloved projects. It’s possible to say it was Smashy Road 2: Desired 2 was an stepping stone to allow Bearbit Studios B.V to continue to release games that are similar to it!

Smashy Road Wanted 2

In the smashy Road The Wanted 2 A free-to-play mobile game available for iOS and Android gamers will take on the most dangerous criminals in the nation. The goal is to master your skills in controlling cars to avoid being captured. The game is fast-paced and lots of thrilling car chases. At first, you’ll have just one car, that’s a basic sedan.

Smashy Road Needed 2 Features

Racing experiences that are fun and intense

The game provides a thrilling and thrilling racing experience, which is similar to GTA or Need for Speed styles. You’ll control your vehicle that is pixelated, cruising across various maps with entirely diverse environments.

When the police are chasing your every move, quick decisions need to be taken to evade their pursuit. You must make sure that you take action quick before a huge group of military units. In addition as you advance through the game, there will be Special Force, SWAT, tanks and even military jets close behind you.

Smashy Road Wanted 2

A large selection of vehicles that can be unlocked.

To be able to defeat your opponents it is necessary to acquire yourself a variety of vehicles that can aid you in dealing with difficult circumstances. You can access these vehicles simply by progressing through the game. Additionally to that, they can be purchased earlier to give an advantage over the other players. At present there’s been over 90 vehicles available, and this number is expected to grow in the upcoming upgrades.

Maps generated randomly

The most exciting and thrilling aspects in Smashy Road are the dynamically generated map that you will never remember, regardless of how long you’ve played the game. This gives you a new and thrilling experience beginning the game as you’ll never know when something will strike you. Unexpected aspects also provide excellent replay value.

Exciting secret locations

Did we not speak about the surprising? In Smashy Road: Wanted, players have the chance to get access to fantastic hidden locations which are randomly generated on the map. Therefore, you’ll always be able to feel the thrill of starting an exciting new game, as it’s impossible to predict if you’ll find a secret spot and earn a fortune off of it. That being said that, even after you’ve played around with a map hundreds of hours, there’s be a chance to find important loot.

Smashy Road Wanted 2

Participate in the leaderboards online

In order to showcase your progress and to share your achievements and skills with other players and to show your progress, sign up for a Smashy Road: Wanted account and join with other players in the world’s largest network. There’s an online leaderboard which will display your progress and your ranking to other players. You can also view your Facebook friends that are also participating in the game.

Graphics that are friendly and pixelated

The pixelated graphics are very user-friendly and friendly which makes the game playable for players of all ages, and even for little ones.

Free to install

Another great thing about This game is the fact that it has an absolutely free cost. It is possible to download the game through Google Play Store. Google Play Store, and the installation will only take a few minutes. The game comes with in-app purchases which could cost you a bit of cash. If you’re not interested to make buy-ins, you’ll have to spend hours playing through the levels in order to accumulate enough gold to purchase things and boosts.

Smashy Road Wanted 2

Amazing Version

If you’re not a fan of in-app purchase, you can play our alternative to Smashy Road. It’s a simple process and you can download the app on our website. Go to our website and search for our Smashy Road hack Apk to download, and then install it on your device.

After you’ve completed this, you’ll be granted access to unlimited cash and unlockable cars for a better and more exciting experience.


The game includes a huge variety of maps, each sporting their distinct style. You’ll see endless deserts with a vast swamp of sand, wide and lush grasslands and a bustling city brimming with constructions, vehicles and roads crossing.

As mentioned earlier the game comes with pixelated graphics, which put only a small amount of stress to your hardware. Thus, the game can be fairly playable on all gadgets. But, that does not mean that the graphics isn’t good, in actual it has sharp and clear graphics. The colors are vivid and clear. In addition the game runs extremely smoothly, and no delays are seen even in the midst of a crowded chase scene.


The game’s music is always at the proper tempo of the game’s screen. For instance, when you’re not being chased the music can be calm and tranquil. But, when police begin to notice you, the music increases in speed and becomes more frightening.

Additionally they are authentic and clear. It is possible to hear noises from your tires changing depending on the terrain. Polices, SWATs army, and more are all accompanied by great sound effects.

Smashy Road Wanted 2

Smashy Road: Needed 2 Features

  • No advertisements
  • Unlocked Cars
  • Unlimited Money

Smashy Road: Wanted 2 Installation Guide

If you choose to install and download Smashy Road Wanted 2 Apk Here is a step-by-step tutorial for installing the game onto your device.

  • Open and download the the Smashy Road Then, download the Wanted 2  Apk from the download link that is provided.
  • Guideline on installing third-party applications.
  • Click on Settings > Privacy then select unknown sources, and then switch it on.
  • Installation of the program.
  • Make sure you’ve uninstalled the previous version of the game.
  • Get the Apk file by clicking the download link below.
  • Start the file, then start the installation.
  • Choose the installation you want to start, and then wait until it is processed.
  • After you have finished pressing Done, you can press.
  • You have installed the game successfully.
  • Start the game and play the game.

Smashy Road Wanted 2


Q. Are there limits on the number of vehicles I can purchase?

Yes, you are able to be able to have 25 cars at a time. But, you are able to trade in your vehicles for more money.

Q. Do I have to be paid to win?

No! Smashy Road is totally cost-free to use. You can buy everything in the game for free without spending any money.

Q. Do I have the ability to play this game with my PC?

Yes, you must install the version from App Store in order to play it.

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Conclusion Smashy Road 2 Apk isn’t equipped with the same graphic design that other popular racing games. It is a significant departure from traditional game es by making use of shapes to show the world rather than geometric shapes. Although the graphics may appear boring, the nimble gameplay keeps players entertained during this exciting adventure.

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