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Shooting and fighting against evil is the most admired genre of games. People like to experience things which they can’t in real life. There are many FPS online games available with incredibly realistic graphics and sound effects.
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ern Combat 5 Apk is one of the most played games that is a first-person shooter and role-playing for Android devices. It’s a top online FPS game with exciting missions and an intriguing storyline. Take to the battlefield and eliminate your enemies to win the missions. It’s a thrilling shooting and action-packed game.

You can enter The Battle Royal e and fight against 70 other players from all over the globe. Have fun with your friends and come up with plans to dominate the field. The game is free to play on Android.

ern Combat 5 Apk Gameplay

Each weapon comes with its own strategies that work best in different types of environments. For instance, a fire thrower can be useful against the harsh surface of snowmen however it could not perform as well when fighting a frozen monster.

The ern Combat 5’s distinctive characteristic is the range of maps that span from tiny and close-quarter mapping (rushing as well as outgunning) to massive maps that require you to think strategically in order to win.

ern Combat 5  APK

Missions and Storyline

Take on the role of the only man-in-the-middle and take down your foes at the front. Experience a thrilling storyline, and complete your missions and assignments. Experience the brand new mission of Spec Ops that span from Tokyo through Venice. The storyline in this game is excellent and the graphics are amazing. High-quality graphics and detail-oriented visual effects make this gameplay more authentic and more similar to reality. Controls are also simple and straightforward for those who are new to the game.

Customize Army and Choose Combat Style

There are 10 diverse and distinctive classes to choose from and tailor to your needs for top-quality shooting. You can customize and improve these special classes to be the best shooter, and survive in the game. Heavy, Assault, Recon Sniper Bounty Hunter, Support, Sapper, Kommander, Marauder, Morph, and Tracker are the styles of combat in-game that you can select effortlessly. Pick your style of combat to transform into a real soldier in the game.

ern Combat 5  APK

Stunning Gameplay

The game’s gameplay is thrilling and beautiful. Enjoy pub matches and build up your character. Completion of campaign missions and earning rewards. Make choices on the battlefield and devise strategies to conquer the battleground. Unlock high-tier gears, guns, and guns in-game. Get heavy armor and weapons.

Best FPS Series

There are other es that are included within the ern Combat 5 apk, which are divided into two levels,” Bravo” and “Ghost.” If, for instance, you decide to start with “Bravo,” you will be able to shoot at the targets displayed on the game’s screen. You can also boost your score when playing this game by shooting targets that appear randomly.

Find out about the different types

In the second version of this 5 apk that is ern, “Ghost” is included. This isn’t a traditional first-person shooter, however, it has several features similar to the shooter games for first-person players. This means that you can hide behind objects or employ different strategies to defeat the enemies. The options are the Control Panel and an options menu for multiplayer, the user’s list, and the game’s statistics along with the achievements, as well as the controls.

ern Combat 5  APK

You can play multiplayer online es

There are nine multiplayer es in the same ern Combat 5 Apk. These include objective-based first-person shooter games as well as deathmatch games. the domination games catch the flag game tanks games, neutral games as well as deathmatch games as well games that are multiplayer. The eight games have distinct platforms developed by EA and each of them has its own unique apps.

ern Combat 5 Apk Features

Play with seven different Classes

Be ready to take on seven classes to experience an array of attack techniques, weapons, and gear. You can do this by selecting your perks, methods, and upgrades.

I’d like to suggest that the most thrilling category is the one that snipers simply because you can go to the target for a kill in a flash or utilize a scope to improve accuracy when shooting at opponents.

Level Up Your Character

There are those who say that competitive games played in public are easy, quick, and less intimidating in terms of learning a new game as compared to the campaigns. It’s much simpler to start instead of having to think about how to level up and unlock weapons in the game. Some may be unable to get up and running fast enough, due to a lack of the necessary skills or commitment.

ern Combat 5  APK

Variety Of Weapons

ern Combat 5 is a shooter game that focuses on the process of leveling up as you play using various types of weapons. The exciting gameplay has plenty for you to enjoy, so be sure to check it out now! It comes with more than 12 weapons that let players gain more skills and bonuses which increase their performance when fighting. The wide variety of mission styles keeps things interesting when you’ve completed the story mission and also there are plenty of possibilities for customizing your character, down to gender.

Stats of Characters

Each character has unique stats that are specific to their arms, heads, and bodies. Some may be heavy or speedy but have no strength. The combination of their stats permits the player to construct a character that is suited to his style of play. It’s like League of Legends with its characters you can play in a very funny manner.

Unique Weapon System

Get a diverse and unique experience with your shooter video game. The weapons system comes with an assortment of pistols with small calibers as well as shotguns, rifles, and rifles that snipe. With the currency in-game that you earn, you have the capability to use these weapons by selecting a variety of the categories you prefer. Character classes allow you to select your abilities according to whether you’re more comfortable in short or long distances.

Amazing Controls

Similar to the previous ern Combat games, there are fantastic controls that let you play the game easily Any mobile player can quickly grasp how to move around combat. On the left on the right, find three tabs, which include Inventory, Weapons, and Grenades. Just click on any tab to choose the item in its own column. Then, place these items in the storage box if you decide, and when you’re satisfied with your choices, press the ‘F’ button to grab your gear or press J to grab the small grenade.

ern Combat 5  APK

Installation Guide

If you’ve decided you want to download and install ern Combat 5 Apk Here is a step-by-step guide to downloading ern Combat 5 Apk on your device.

  • First, download and open The Shadow of Death Apk file using the download link.
  • Instructions to install third-party applications.
  • Go to Settings > Privacy and select unknown sources. Then turn it on.
  • Install the application.
  • The first step is to ensure that you’ve uninstalled all older versions of the game.
  • Download the APK file using the download button below.
  • Download the file, then begin the installation.
  • Choose the installation you want to start, and then wait for processing.
  • After you have finished the process, press Done.
  • You have installed the game successfully.
  • Start the game and play the game.


Q. What can I do to enjoy ern Combat 5 Apk without an internet connection?

It’s an online game played on online servers. It is impossible to play the game without a reliable internet connection. Make sure you have an internet connection at a high speed to enjoy smoother and more enjoyable gaming.

Q. What is ern Combat 5 a free-to-play game?

Yes, the game is completely free and is available for download in the Google Play Store. You can also get both the Apk as well as the Obb files of the game to your device at no cost.

Q. What can I do to be able to play ern Combat 5 Apk on an Android tablet?

The game’s performance is optimized for low-end devices, and it can be played on any Android device or tablet. It requires an internet connection on your android tablet for it to be played.

Q. Do you think it is safe to download ern Combat 5 Apk and Obb?

Yes, all files have been thoroughly scanned and there’s no sign of a virus present in the files. It is possible to obtain both the Apk and Obb without a problem.

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Conclusion Every map has a variety of opportunities to improve your experience and increase the odds of winning. There are random events that give bonus points like upgrades to weapons and an abundance of goods. It is in your best interest to be involved whenever possible!

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