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When you are frustrated and angry because of some reason, you pick up everything round and start smashing it on the floor. It can cause you a loss of many things so we brought an alternative for it. Now despite of smashing your precious things on floor, we let you torture soft and cute teddy bear.
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If you’re angry and angry for some reason, you gather up everything and begin throwing it around. This can result in a loss of numerous things which is why we have a solution for it. Instead of crashing your valuable possessions onto the floor, we allow you to play with a cute and soft Teddy bear.

This can help relieve your anxiety and stress. kick the Buddy Apk game has a wide range of features and the increasing number of downloads proves that it’s among the most popular games today. The ified version of the game has a lot more to offer that should be looked at.

Kick The Buddy Apk Gameplay

“Kick The Buddy” is a squishy bear, but don’t let it get you down. You’re able to move and run around and even utilize your special ability to travel. Furthermore, you aren’t able to defend yourself as a person like this person who is locked in a box there (you’re liberated). If anyone gets after you, consider the possibility that Buddy may have no way to defend yourself with any force or act defensively in any way!

If in My Talking Tom, your responsibility is to care for your cat Talking Tom, the opposite is the case in The Kick Buddy It’s your duty to figure out ways to torture your teddy until it passes away. You can use torture techniques like laser guns, chainsaws, swords, or C4 bombs. Watch the bombs explode! You will then be rewarded with cash.

Kick the Buddy  Apk


Simple and fun game

It’s nearly impossible to come across a simpler but addictive game as Kick the Buddy. In the whole game, the sole goal is to get beat and kick the dummy (Buddy) in the way you’d like.

Additionally, you’ll find your dummy highly interactive since you are able to tap the screen and move him around. You can throw him from corners to corners, or stretch his body elastic to the limit and then shoot it as the rubber band.

In addition, you’ll get to test a variety of incredible weapons and enjoy interactive features. Indeed, he was able to respond with intriguing voices and dialogs.

Kick the Buddy  Apk

Many things to test on your friend

As you get into the fun of Kick the Buddy, you’ll be able to access numerous “stuff” that you can play with your friend. However, you could shoot your gun at the guy and chase him across the space.

Choose a variety of cold weapons and cut your dummy in half or affix him to the wall using hundreds of shooting arrows. Take the game to the next level by using the explosive that can blast the entire area along with your doll.

And if this was enough, players in Kick the Buddy are also granted access to many of the bizarre and amazing “stuff”. Inflict torture on your dummy with horrifying instruments, fill the beast by eating food or unleash the divine power, or even unleash a T-rex on him.

However, that’s not the end of the story. In fact, the more time you put into the game the more bizarre weapons you can find.

Kick the Buddy  Apk

Make sure you dress your friend what you like

But, whatever you’re thinking of doing with your dummy offer him a transformation with a variety of clothing and costumes available. Dress your dummy in any kind of makeup and transform him into the perfect “special” someone.

Design the rooms to give different feelings

To change the mood to make for more fun players playing Kick the Buddy are also permitted to collect various accessories in addition to the ordinary cardboard box. Have fun playing in more appropriate locations like the park the switch room the cell with padding or even an auditorium.

Perform multiple accomplishments to earn rewards

In addition to the main gameplay, you’re also exposed to numerous achievements that you can accomplish to search for impressive rewards. You can earn extra cash while enjoying your grueling adventures.

Kick the Buddy  Apk

Every day, you can get a free spin on the machine

In addition, it also comes with an awesome slot machine where you can win amazing prizes and get access to amazing “stuff” without having to pay for the privilege. The game lets players take a free spin each day, which means you like it takes the time to be sure to take advantage of the amazing rewards.

Never lose your progress

The game lets players link to Google Play accounts. Google Play account so you’ll never lose your game progress. In addition, once your account is linked, your saved data will be uploaded to the internet every time you play the game. This means you’ll be able to access your game progress even when you’re using the same phone or deleted the game prior.

You can play the game with and without the Internet

If you’re offline but don’t fret, you’ll still be able to play this thrilling game without an Internet internet connection for as long as wish. You just need to play the game and start having fun with the Dummy for hours. In addition, there’s no need to think about saving your game saves because they’ll all be put online when you’ve got your Internet connection is restored.

Play for free

The game is completely free for everyone Android players to play. In addition, you can download it on your devices via Google Play Store without having to spend a dime. Even though it also comes with in-app purchases, the majority of you will find it suitable with regard to the fun gameplay.

Kick the Buddy  Apk

You can access unlimited cash and gold using our method

If you truly desire to speed up the process and have access to even more harmful “stuff”, you can completely get our ified game installed on your device. Download our version of Kick the Buddy APK on our site and install it using the instructions given. It allows you to have unlimited access to gold and coins whenever you’d like.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • There are many weapons available in this game.
  • The game is also completely free.
  • This game is perfect to get you out of a negative mood.


  • This game can be extremely offensive for many because it isn’t proper to torture a cute toy.
  • It’s violent and unimportant.


  • The game is 100% absolutely free with no fees, so you are able to download it without difficulty and receive aid in cooling your anger.
  • It is a beautiful game with graphics that appear cute as well as bright. It entices players with stunning backgrounds.
  • The interface for this game is very simple and easy for players to play.
  • The game offers the assurance of security to be 100% which allows users to download it to their mobiles without having to worry about viruses, hacking, or malware.
  • This game is appropriate for both Android as well as iOS players.
  • Invite your colleagues to smash up things on the Teddy bear.
  • This game is great to relieve stress. If you happen to break something at home, you could simply smash your friend.
  • There is a wide range of things you can use to ease your anxiety.
  • There are watermelons as well as guns, stones, and many dangerous guns to kick, shoot or smash, and then strangle your partner.
  • This game comes with a great sound system that makes for a great sound.
  • A fire dragon, as well as Thor’s hammer, represent the abilities of God that you can utilize in addition to torture your Teddy bear.
  • The design of the game is very impressive and engaging.

Kick The Buddy Installation Guide

If you choose to install and download the game Kick The Buddy Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to install this game installed on your device.

  • Open the file first and download first the Download the Kick The Buddy  Apk file from the downloaded link.
  • Instructions on how to install third-party apps.
  • Go to Settings > Privacy and select unknown sources and turn it on.
  • Install the application.
  • Make sure you’ve removed any previous versions of the game.
  • Download the apk file by clicking the download link below.
  • Start the file, and begin the installation.
  • Choose the installation you want to start, and wait until it is processed.
  • After you have finished, press Done.
  • You have installed the game successfully
  • Play the game and have fun with the game.


Q. Is this game available for free download?

Yes, the game is available for download. It is not necessary to pay anything for this game.

Q. Does it sound like a great match or not?

The game is both bad and it’s also very good. The great thing about it is that it can help relieve tension, anger and anxiety by torturing the pet and smashing things on top of it. The downside is that the game appears to be brutal and ridiculous. The game could be offensive to some people, and parents might not let their children play this violent game.

Q. Do I have the game from the Google Play Store?

The game is a version. games aren’t in Google Play Store or Apple App store. Google Play Store or Apple App store.

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Conclusion The Kick the Buddy Apk is an original enjoyable, exciting, and original game that allows you to kick a cute-looking Teddy bear by hitting the bear with your foot. The louder the screams are and the more you score, the better score you will earn.

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