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Rise of Kingdoms allows you to build yourself a powerful civilization with famous generals in history. Diverse troop types help you form a powerful team with the right generals you can recruit and upgrade.
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The game is the best way to prove your sagacity and show off your leadership skills. Rise of Kingdoms is a game and experience the launch of epic wars that will determine the fate of the rest of the planet. It is your responsibility to write your own world history.

It is a game that takes players from the depths of obscurity to the summits of legend. It’s time to tighten your grips and become a pioneer on the journey as you explore the unknown. Through this game, you will learn just how valuable it is to dedicate yourself to helping the people that you love.

You can play this game on any device that is equipped with an iOS or Android operating system. In addition to the game’s thrilling gameplay, it also has a wide range of open-world features that make it a great game.

Video gameplay

People who are already capable of playing war-based games will find this game to be easy to handle and understand. There are a few situations when new players would find it a bit difficult to understand the mechanics of the game especially if you are a new player.

There is one main goal of this game, which is to protect your city and its citizens, enlarge the power of your city, and fight off attacks. You will need to recruit troops, recruit commanders, and create armies in order to accomplish this process.

Buildings and belongings were necessary for the city to be able to resist attacks and to be less susceptible to combat. They have to be rebuilt or upgraded so that the city will be stronger and more able to withstand the attacks. For winning the game, you need to make smart use of all the features and rewards that the game has to offer.

Rise of Kingdoms

Growth and Conquest Through Alliances

By working together, we can overcome rivals by protecting and helping one another. It is not easy to win as an individual warrior. Nevertheless, in a group setting, strategizing and using tactics wisely against rivals are always part of the recipe for success. Power is enhanced when you are working together with others.

The features offered by this alliance were all designed to help people help one another and conquer together, including map indicators to help manage plans and tactics, a live chat with a built-in translator, officer roles, so one can take control at the beginning of a plan, and more.

As an alliance, you can expand your territory, occupy mountain passes, unlock group achievements, and many other opportunities to gain resources.

Rise of Kingdoms

Fighting in real-time

Battles take place on the map in real-time in this game. As this is a true RTS gameplay experience, players may enter and leave combat at any time. Please, send some troops to help your comrade. In the event that a counterattack is launched, please, do not hesitate to do so.

Taking part in PVP with 100+ players on one screen, players will experience the remoteness of gameplay.

By conquering the kingdom, you will gain control of all of its lands. Getting to see your and the name of your civil name written in the history of the kingdom will be a momentous occasion if you win the battle.

Rise of Kingdoms

History of Civilizations 12

The 12 civilizations are available for you to choose from. There are many unique aspects to each civilization. Different units, architectures, and advantages and disadvantages are unique to all. It is possible to train or guide your civilization so that they become powerful as well as savvy so that they can work against their opponents.

To enhance their abilities, you can use a skill system and RPG-style talent tree. Bring your favorite historical heroes into your world in order to serve as your most trusted commanders and to fight for your honor.

Rise of Kingdoms

Discover a new world

During the game, you will be able to explore, discover, and investigate a new world. There is a dense fog covering everything in the world. To discover the treasures lying hidden within this mysterious land, you can send a scout into this thick fog world.

Explore the mysterious caves, inspect the primitive tribes’ villages, learn about lost temples, find barbarian fortresses, gather information on your opponent’s movement, and prepare yourself for war by compiling a map of the hostile territory.

APK for Rising of Kingdoms Features

The Problem Can’t Be Ignored

I think that this is one of the most functional and exciting features of Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, as it helps you build the first stepping stones to civilization in the most efficient manner possible. The first-starter can spend their time recruiting and training their troops, but they will also have to contend with battles of protection and conquest.

Coaching tips will help people to understand what to do and how to work so that they can become successful. Through interaction, the developer informs the player of the rules, allowing him/her to defeat the current level faster as a result.

You will learn more about game features, mechanics, playable terrain, and other game developer tips after reviewing the following tips. Additionally, the map is always the same for every player regardless of whether they are on the same team or not. During the game, players are assigned a card on the map, while the global card is the same for all players. On the map, you can see which areas can be conquered or explored. This can be very helpful.

Rise of Kingdoms

Initiation of civilization

A common mistake made by players is focusing only on the buffs that each nation gives. It is probably more appropriate to focus on the commanders that have been selected by each civilization. When you become established in civilization, these commanders become yours for free, and you will acquire them upon establishing your civilization.

Sculptures can enhance the image of these commanders. The sculptures that can be purchased are often overly detailed and need to be purchased with actual cash. On the other hand, some Commanders’ Sculptures will appear during in-game events that you are able to take part in.

We recommend Scipio or Boudica, depending on the situation, and if you are playing for free, we suggest Scipio. When it comes to the deployment of units, Scrapie is the right choice if you want to have a mixture of units (and do not want to restrict yourself to one particular army type).

You should use Boudica if you prefer nuking your Barbarians for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it will provide them with plenty of benefits. Once your starter commander has been assigned to you, we recommend that you begin thinking about your permanent civilization as soon as possible. Our recommendation is that you consider the Japanese civilization at this time. It is recommended that you switch to the Japanese civilization once you have reached City Hall Level 10.

Rise of Kingdoms

How to Make the Most of Your Gems

During this game, there is a premium currency called gems that can be obtained. You can find gems in Rising of Kingdoms to be one of the most valuable resources to collect, and they are also one of the easiest to collect. Considering the fact that you will not be spending any money on the game, you may find that there will be only a limited number of Gems available to you.

The most efficient way to spend gems is to raise your VIP level to 6 as soon as possible so that you can spend gems in the most efficient way. As a result, during the course of the game, you are able to gain numerous advantages.

Being part of the construction team for the game is one of the most important perks of this membership. It will save you a lot of money in the long run by not having to use gems to buy builders, as you will not have to purchase them using gems.

Once you reach VIP Level 6, you can enter the level 6 Shop in order to buy Action and Speedup Potions that can give you more benefits. You can use your Gems once you have collected enough. Whenever the Merchant shop appears you can use them to purchase stuff.

To get more information, our recommendation would be to read all of the material that is usually offered in traditional resources, as this will give you a more comprehensive understanding of the topic. You might also be interested in purchasing a couple of Speeds Up potions, which are on sale by 60% right now.

Utilizing speedups

Featuring an emphasis on speed-up usage, “The Rise of Kingdoms” features a large part of its gameplay based on the use of them effectively. We recommend joining an Alliance or Guild before using Speedups in order to get the most out of them.

There are a lot of Speed Up Buffs you’ll receive as a member of a strong alliance, which will help you develop your technology and acquire resources faster.

If you wish to make the most of the specialized speedups, it is recommended you take advantage of them as soon as possible, before applying the Universal ones as well (you will receive a unique multiplier).

In order to prevent any possible attacks on your soldiers, we recommend that you train them and keep them gathered whenever you are about to log on or log off. Furthermore, it is important to consider whether or not a technology tree can be concentrated along with determining which structures you will enhance.

Take part in an alliance

Rise of Kingdoms is one of the games where you are encouraged to join an alliance as soon as possible. During this phase, your building will be constructed and enhanced, which will assist you in increasing the strength of your account.

The alliances available to you will be presented to you at the beginning of this phase. The most effective alliances with high-power-ups are the ones you want to join in an ideal world, and you might be able to take part in them. Despite this, you are aware that these eye partnerships do require an application in order to be considered. Therefore, you will have a tough time getting into them.

This is ideal for you if you’re in the market for an alliance that doesn’t require any application. In the opinion of experts, beginners should begin with Rising of Kingdom and progress quickly through the Jumper Process.

By using your newly created account in this way, you can enter a new kingdom with more authority and control, which is what you’re looking for. If you do not know how to do this, you are advised to check out the game’s basic instructions. Since you have become a part of an alliance, you are ready to move on to the next part of the game.

The following points should be considered

A Barbarian’s green card is the equivalent of a player’s Action Points when it comes to combat. As a player, you will have the opportunity to spend your action points on a Barbarian that you would like to battle.

Your troops will march on the battlefield to take on the Barbarian. Also, take advantage of the naturally created action points that are found in the screen bar. If you would like to keep your action point potion, it is preferable if you do so. The points you accumulate in this game will allow you to claim more incentives and prizes later on in the game.

The use of questions can be useful

Developers also tend to have a strong interest in publications as they are a source of information. When the game is completed, players will earn in-game cash that they can use to upgrade their buildings and units, as well as receive a comprehensive guide on how to develop their civilization. Consequently, if players have any doubts about their future behavior in the game, they can rely on this quest!

Forces allied with the Allies

It is a strategy game that is played online, so if a player reaches a certain level of development they must opt to join an alliance to advance. In the game, alliances will not only assist you in defending your lands and conquering others but also enable you to acquire rare items from within your Union through purchases or trades.

This is of particular importance to new players as well as you gain experience in the process. In order to mitigate the risk of losing interest in development, joining the first-level alliance might not be worth it. With allies, the player is basically left with nothing to do other than to protect and support them. You can start your own relationship when you have performed to a certain level of development!

Gems without limit

The most important resource in the game is the gem, as they are somewhat hard to find. In the game’s store, gems can be used to buy a number of items, including tools, equipment, power-ups, and so on. I think this game can almost win prizes for you if you have unlimited gems available on your account. With the rise of the kingdoms hack, you will be able to have unlimited gems and money added to your account.

Manual for commanders

Commanders play a very significant role in this game. After all, there is no winning without them. Commanders are those responsible for leading an army into battle. Commanders benefit from their abilities, bonuses, and skills. In Rise of Kingdoms, players can have a large number of commanders that they can replace at any given time.

Handbook of Talents

There are a lot of similarities between the mechanics in this game and those found in other MMO strategy games as well. A certain amount of talent points are awarded to the gamer when the city level is reached. These points are necessary for upgrading or unlocking new commander abilities that are available.

A Guide to Skills

There are five distinct skill sets that each commander has in Rising of Kingdoms. The commander has the ability to unlock these abilities by improving the level the commander. It is also possible to unlock these abilities using sculptures.

The following features:

  • It was the fearless Viking soldier who held an ax during the rise of kingdoms and was the latest civilization to experience the return of the king. Now that you have been given the choice, you can choose this new civilization on your journey to greatness and glory.
  • It is a real-time turn-based strategy game in Rising of Kingdoms. As you can see, the battle takes place on the Rise of Kingdoms map in real-time. There is no time limit on joining the battle, so everyone can jump in and out at any point.
  • Rise of Kingdoms comes with unlimited maps, which means you can explore as many of them as you want. A large map on which the game takes place is inhabited by players and NPCs, on which all the action takes place. So, there are no separate battle screens in Rising of Kingdoms, or a separate base, which will separate players from one another. It has never been possible to switch freely between the world view and each city or barbaric post on a mobile phone until the release of the “Infinite Zoom”.
  • The map does not only depict these features, but it also depicts natural barriers, such as rivers and mountains. In addition, it depicts strategic passes that are necessary for access to neighboring areas.
  • The Rise of Kingdoms in its current state offers twelve different civilizations to choose from. As well as choosing one of the twelve historical civilizations (more will be added in the future! ), you can also guide your civilization by following the actions of your research team to make it one of the greatest powers in the world.
  • The Rising of Kingdoms also allows you to conquer a kingdom. Once you have conquered the kingdom, you will have to fight with your alliance to control it.

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