Most Useful Google Apps You Probably Didn’t Know About

There are a variety of apps developed by Google however, they are not well-known. While many of them can be very beneficial but they’re not very well recognized. As an example, using the app above, it can take any old image and make it appear fresh and new, even in the event that you didn’t know such an application existed.

The Best Google Apps You Didn’t Know Existed

There are instances that Google’s method is effective However, that’s not always the situation. Certain products, like Google+, Google Buzz, Google Wave, and many more, could turn sour from the time the time. They weren’t necessarily bad items however they weren’t widely acclaimed enough to last long. It appears that Google continually throws products against each other to determine which is able to endure. Below are a few instances of products that have stood the test of time.


I’d like to begin by introducing Snapseed for Google which is likely the most well-known and popular Google app listed on this list. Snapseed is the Google Snapseed photo editing tool that was created for smartphones and was developed to provide sophisticated features to edit photographs. The interface is nice within the application, and it offers a very easy user interface that’s easy to use. For quick results, you can make use of some of the built-in, popular filters.

Furthermore, the app also includes various tools that permit you to edit your photos more precisely without needing to be complicated. There are a variety of unique tools that can be found in this application, some are likely to not be available on other applications. It can be difficult to achieve the results you need even when making use of Adobe Photoshop on a PC.

Google Finance

Google Finance is a tool that allows you to track the market, stocks ETFs, market trends, and other items related to the market for stocks. The website of the tool suggests companies you might like by analyzing the search terms you type in. In addition, you are able to create your personal watch lists to keep track of companies that you are interested in.

In addition to the ability to create your own portfolios, it gives real-time analytics and allows you to track your online purchases in real-time. I’d say Google Finance is one of the Google tools that don’t accomplish very much at present, but could be more useful in the near future, or simply disappear in the future.


Google has updated its Chrome labs site with an app for the web that is named Squoosh. The web application may not be around for long because of Chrome labs are a test. But, Squoosh aims to compress images as efficiently as it can through its easy web application. This type of tool is among the many on the internet. What is the difference between Squoosh and other tools? Squoosh distinguishes itself from the other?

Squoosh doesn’t require users to upload pictures to it, aside from the fact that it is possible to access it from any place. Photos are compressed local and never sent to another device. Many are hesitant about uploading photos on the internet for simple issues like compression, therefore this could be a major benefit for these devices.

With a slider, one will see the results of compression immediately after it’s applied. There are several choices you can make to reduce the size of the image or to resize the image to reduce the palette of colors to make images smaller. Images compressed using default settings typically appear the same as original images. If you’d like to opt for a smaller size, however, you are able to also do this when you’re feeling adventurous.

Read-Along (Bolo)

Bolo which was earlier called Read-Along is an enjoyable reading tutoring application that is based on speech. Bolo is a Hindi word that means that we speak, therefore the app appears to be part that is part of Google India. Google India team. The diverse languages available on the site comprise English along with other Indian languages like Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. Additionally, the website offers Spanish as well as Portuguese two languages that are spoken throughout Europe.

As old as 5 years age are able to use the program. The app will encourage children to read aloud, as well as to communicate in languages. The app has a user interface assistant, known as Diya which is instrumental in the improvement of this experience. When children speak the app listens and provides them with positive feedback in real-time.


Google has introduced an educational Android application named Socratic. From high school through university, the program is designed to help students in a variety of subjects like biology, algebra, chemistry, and non-fiction. It also covers fiction and geometry among other subjects. The majority of high school subjects is covered in the program.

Socratic will search for relevant online resources you to get the answer you’ve asked. All you have to do is ask your question. There are numerous illustrations provided by Google together with over 10 teachers. It is updated on a regular basis that adds new subjects to the app too.


The Jamboard application is a valuable tool for students and professionals alike through Google Play. The whiteboard app is comparable to the other apps that provide similar whiteboard applications. The most obvious benefit of this application is its easy use of the other Google services, like Google Classroom. With Jamboard you can collaborate the same way as you can using Google Docs.

You can create the Jam, edit it and then share your Jams, or invite other people to join the Jam along with you. You can also include the stickers and sticky notes and photos in the Jam. You can also transfer files directly through the cloud of your Google Drive account to the Jam. Both a web-based as well as and Android applications are available on the Jamboard.

Google Travel

There are several lesser-known, but effective Google applications that can aid you in planning your travels like Google Travel. This is where you will find everything you need for planning your next trip regardless of where you are around the globe. Google Travel provides you with all the details you require regarding travel information, popular destinations to visit, airports hotels, and more.

The site will also let you create an itinerary that includes hotels, locations such as flights, trains, automobile rentals, buses restaurant reservations, and other events that you can add to your schedule. You can also allow you to add notes from your own on your trip. Google has removed its Android application for its travel application on the web, which was accessible to Android devices.


This Android application, dubbed PhotoScan from Google is a straightforward application that does much more than what’s on the label. You can certainly make use of it to scan pictures however, it can do more than it does. Photoscan is a program powered by Google’s artificial Intelligence system. It seeks to eliminate luminescence from photos that you’ve taken. When it comes to PhotoScan concerns itself, the program is attempting to make the picture that contains an image look as if it was taken with your camera.

In addition to being simple to understand, the procedure is also straightforward. This software will attempt to find the corners of your image and then you’ll have to shift the camera to the corner indicated one at a time. Furthermore, it could be applied to documents to make the text easier to read or to cut out the unneeded portions of the document. Although the results may be not the greatest, however, they’re generally acceptable.

Sound Amplifier

The latest app, known as Sound Amplifier can be useful for people suffering from hearing loss because it amplifies sound. A Google app like it can be useful for those with devices with very low output of sound. The function of this app is to amplify the sound coming out of your phone, which as the name implies, it does.

The sounds can be amplified through the addition of amplification. However, it is also filtered and amplified at the same time. It can be capable of detecting conversations and amplifying their volume of it, and reducing noise at same simultaneously. The app’s easy-to-use sliders let you personalize the experience to match the type of experience you want.

Google Arts & Culture

Google has always determined to provide its users with everything they require in one place. Google Arts & Culture is another instance of this. You will find every artwork you’ve ever heard about that has been neatly categorized and curated, and then arranged alphabetically. Art movements and historical events, as well as your favorite cartoon characters, are featured in this collection.

The most exciting and entertaining aspect of it this app is much more than a set of photos. It also provides an aerial view into the inner workings of most visited museums across the globe like a version similar as Google Maps. If you’re on your sofa and you want to go on an immersive journey through The Museum of Modern Art in New York. To provide a more immersive experience there is VR Android is a great option. VR Android app is also accessible for those seeking an immersive experience with more hands-on.

Action Blocks

You’ve probably heard about Action Blocks if you’ve been watching us for quite a while. For the general public likely, it’s not a well-known application. It’s a bit like the Siri Shortcuts app on iOS but Action Blocks has much fewer capabilities. On the home screen, you can design “blocks”, or whatever you’d like you to name them that when tapped, will perform a function.

The Action Blocks run with Google Assistant. Google Assistant can thus only complete tasks in the realm to be performed by the Google Assistant. Instead of having the Google Assistant asking you questions about the gadgets that are in your smart home you can manage them with the swipe of your finger. An extremely useful application for those who cannot talk or who don’t wish to speak, the accessibility application to Google Assistant is extremely useful.

Alongside what has been previously mentioned, Google is also fond of throwing things at walls and observing what sticks. It is possible that the product will be promoted at times, but the majority of the time, it will simply be dropped. Certain of the apps listed in this list could be removed in the near future. In the event that Google Travel was pulled back from the Android platform, it had already done this. Whatever Google decides, I’m hoping that you’ll be able to use these apps regardless of the outcome.