How to Open Zip Files on Android? Use These Apps to Unzip Files on Android

There are a variety of files we encounter during our daily lives and those that are archived are some of the more popular types. There are four main types of files with extension zip, RAR 7z and the tar extension. This is the primary reason behind the creation of archives in the first place , to keep a variety of files in one file that takes only a tiny area. It’s not that simple to remove these archives on Android smartphones without aid of applications.

Zip files with Android using the top applications

This article provides a comprehensive listing of the top Android applications for unzipping files. Alongside helping to remove zip file extensions, these apps are able to create new ones too. Let’s look at them more closely.

1. ZArchiver

There are many Android applications to unzip files, but the most well-known of them is ZArchiver. It is a free application that’s been around for quite a while on Android and offers numerous advantages over other tools readily available. It has a user-friendly interface that provides a variety of easy control options, as well as an option of extracting various kinds from the archive files. Apart from encryption, password security, and split archives, ZArchiver has options similar to those.

ZArchiver is a totally free tool, meaning you don’t have to fret about premium or in-app purchases. plans. ZArchiver has tools that let users compress files to easily share them via different networks of social networking. Alongside the above, it is possible to connect the application to any cloud application that you already use to save the files you have extracted.


  • Archive files can be quickly compressed and decompressed
  • Based on the degree of compression you want to use, you can choose
  • No matter if the device is root.


  • Advertisements cannot be removed

2. WinZip – Zip UnZip Tool

It’s a program specifically created for smartphones to let you zip files regardless of what format they’re stored in. It is possible to extract zip files onto your device with this program and later install them with this application. It is possible to also sync the application to Google Drive or any other cloud service you may be using to back up your data.

Furthermore, WinZip allows you to compress any format of the file and store it in your cloud storage in order to give it to your friends later. In the process of zipping files, you have the option of choosing between two options: Zip or ZIPX. ZIPX is only suitable for large or medium-sized files.

As part of its capabilities, WinZip provides the option of encryption files using the use of a password to stop unauthorized access to the files. In addition with regard to images, you’ll be able to see an image preview of the file. Once you decide you want to, you are able to unzip it. However, this program has the drawback of watching a lot of advertisements when using it. The worst part is that it is impossible to disable these ads.


  • Access to Cloud Accounts directly via connecting directly
  • Cloud platform protects your data with 128or 256-bit AES encryption
  • The ability to see images contained in zip files.


  • There are lots of advertisements on the site
  • There isn’t an option to find documents

3. RAR

It is important to note that if you’ve used Windows PC for a long period of time, then you’ve likely heard of WinRar. It also has an Android version of WinRar that was developed by the same firm, which is known as RAR. There’s no doubt that RARLAB’s RAR is a no-cost simple, user-friendly, and easy tool that is available to Android users.

Apart from being an archiver and backup utility or extractor, the application could be used as an alternative to a file manager in certain situations. This program comes with an efficient feature that makes it easier to manage the process of working with the various common zip files. Furthermore, it comes with an integrated tool that can repair damaged zip and RAR files.

Apart from RAR’s ability to provide data encryption, RAR offers encryption of data in addition, it provides security for your data. It is not necessary to state that you can not just extract files, however, you can also make Zip files on your own. Furthermore, it is easy to compress data an approach that allows you to transfer it quickly via email or social networks.


  • Decompress a variety of formats of files
  • In addition, they can be secured with the password
  • A dark-themed option readily available


  • It is also a short-term, free version that is available to download

4. 7Zipper 2.0

An all-in-one, free unzipping application for Android 7Zipper 2.0 is an amazing utility. It is among the greatest advantages of this app. It allows you to effortlessly sync your data to Google Drive or any other cloud-based service you are using. Through this platform, all files you extract are stored within the cloud.

Furthermore, through the cloud service, it is possible to directly transfer the files to others. No matter what kind of archive file, 7Zipper 2.0 is capable of zipping and zipping and unzipping it. In addition to being able to view files without decompressing them, the software can also preview zip files. It is possible to look inside a zip file that has a large amount of information in order to get more specific. Once you have that information, you are required to extract the information that you require.

There is the option to plan the unzip process using 7Zipper 2.0. This means that the unzip process will be performed at a set time each day. Additionally, the program is safe and secure in the sense that it protects crucial information. In addition, you can protect your data and include passwords in zip files, making it secure from unauthorized access. 7Zipper is the most recent version. 7Zipper is a totally free program that won’t bother users with endless ads.


  • The encryption is done using 256 bits of AES.
  • Extraction of the CAB, ARJ, and DEB files
  • Extraction of the most popular formats of files


  • Compiling the file takes a lot of time.

5. B1 Archiver

One of the top Android applications to unzip files B1 Archiver is one of the top. You can open and edit zip files and rar documents with this app. Over 35 different formats are available in the creation and opening of these files. Due to this, it is virtually impossible that you will not be able to create zip files using B1 Archiver. Zip files can be made custom with passwords and can be added to them. In addition, if you own an entire package with zip files, you’ll be able to pick the parts you want to remove.

The preview feature in B1 Archiver lets you view the contents of a zip file without needing to unzip it first. Due to Messenger Switch’s limitation on size, there’s a platform that lets users reduce large file sizes and then make them suitable for sharing. Also, you can print files using B1 Archiver. If you’re extracting a large amount of data such as a document you can perform other tasks on your smartphone during the time that the extracting process is carried out in the background as the application is still extracting the documents.


  • The program supports a broad variety of file formats which includes 35+
  • Formats that are secured with passwords
  • The software runs in the background


  • There are many advertisements on the site
  • They don’t work in Android 11

6. Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip

The program Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip as it is referred to in its name, you’ll be capable of extracting files in a simple and straightforward manner through the use of Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip software. There are many similarities between this program and the rest of the applications I’ve talked about in this post.

After opening the application you’ll be able to view all the zip packs you downloaded. Because of the program’s features for compressing files, you’ll be capable of compressing large files and sending them by email. Additionally, all zip files are compatible with the application. Therefore, there’s no reason to be concerned about the compatibility of the particular format of the file with the program.

There is a way to unzip password-protected files using Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip. In addition, this software allows you to protect your zip file with a password. One of the best features of this program is the speed of the extraction of data when compared with the other options that are mentioned in this article.

It also allows the feature that it runs in the background. It is essentially, that means you can use it even when you’re doing something else with your smartphone, the application is still doing the extraction task. The only issue is that you’ll have to go through one video at an interval before you can utilize the app. To get around this, it’s advised to purchase the paid version of the application.


  • Different file extensions are supported by this program.
  • along with its easy and user-friendly interface, it also has a simple and user-friendly user


  • There are often accidents during the extraction process.

7. Zipify

There’s an application for Android known as Zipify that is the next version of the unzip application. For Android, Zipify is a full-featured tool for archiving as well as extracting files. It is a breeze using this platform to compress and decompress any zip or rar file that you need. The platform is compatible with all file formats to allow you to use it. This means that it shouldn’t be a hassle to solve any incompatibility issues.

Zipify as well as a number of other decompression and compression software includes an option to preview files as well as the ability to compress and uncompress files. In essence, it’s a user-friendly and lightweight tool that allows you to extract archive files in just a few minutes. It also comes with a built-in scanner that scans the memory of your device for compressed files.


  • The support is available for multiple languages
  • Language, and different formats for compressing files
  • Separate extraction and compression sections


  • External storage can be difficult to identify
  • because of the sheer volume of ads

8. MiXplorer Silver

Instead of an extractor for files that are specifically designed MiXplorer Silver behaves more like a file manager. But as we are all aware technically the file manager comes with the greatest capabilities for de-archiving files.

So, if seeking a program that can simply remove rar and zip data from the hard disk, then the MiXplorer Silver will be the most suitable choice for you. There are many reasons for why this program was added to the list however, this isn’t the sole reason. It supports 12 types of files that can be unpacked and packed, including 7z, zip, and gzip. It also supports Lizard as well as many other kinds of files.

Apart from being not only an ideal management tool for files the MiXplorer Silver can also be an ideal browser. The only downside to this software is the cost ($4.49). It will be difficult finding a better solution to unzip and zip files if you’re frequently dealing with archive files.


  • Options for search that are more sophisticated
  • When editing zip files, it is important to edit the zip
  • Utilizing root access


  • The price is high compared to other brands.
  • There isn’t a trial version or free trial.

9. ALZip – File Manager & Unzip & Archive

An excellent alternative for Android users to extract files is ALZip. Apart from being a file manager, it is a tool to compress as well as extract data. Its user-friendly features make it easy to use it can efficiently pack files in a range of various formats, like ZIP or RAR. Decompressing files is a simple and easy procedure that can be completed quickly. This program offers a user-friendly interface that lists all files on the device that are extracted.

You can view files before needing to extract them using ALZip. However, it doesn’t support background running functions. Therefore, once you shut down the application it will end.


  • Files can be compressed and then unzipped easily
  • In addition, they act as an administrator of files
  • For archives to view


  • There is no background-running feature.
  • Available for extraction at a slow rate

10. Unzip Tool – Zip File Extractor for Android

For a final point, I’d be pleased to mention Unzip Tool, which is the final software that we have listed. Unzip Tool is a program specially designed to unzip archive files. Alongside zipping archive files, you can compress video and music files using this tool. To put it in a more specific way you can utilize this tool to compress files so that they can be shared via email or on social media If you wish to.

Regarding it’s interface Unzip Tool is slightly less elegant than some names. Regarding user-friendliness, Unzip Tool’s interface Unzip Tool is extremely straightforward. Furthermore, since the application is an application for managing files it is able to manage all the documents within your system.


  • It is easy to compress files
  • By extracting rar and zip files
  • RAR viewer for free


  • The ads cannot be blocked.
  • A small number of file formats are supported.

So you will be able to determine which app is best at extracting archive files and creating them for your particular situation. Additionally, if you have any other suggestions for a useful unzip application for Android please let us know in our comments.