How to Get Phone’s Focus Mode on Android and Enable it Automatically

You may have seen the Focus mode that iPhone users are raving about. Your Android phone has the Focus Mode that does exactly similar to the one found in iPhones.

What Is Focus Mode on Android?

Android Focus Mode is basically an alternative to the Do Not Disturb option that is only available to specific applications. Apple and Google have now implemented the Focus mode, following the introduction of Screen Time and Digital Wellbeing features that can help reduce the addiction to smartphones. As part of the same thing, the Focus mode assists in reducing distractions when you are doing your work as well as at work.

It’s similar to putting your phone into Do not disturb mode but you are able to choose the notifications you want to display at a specific moment. You can set it to show all work notifications between 9 and 5 and then block all emails from work when you are with your family. This lets you stay on top of important messages while avoiding other distractions.

Do Not Disturb vs Focus Mode

Do Not Disturb on Android is a feature similar to Do Not Disturb which allows you to disable notifications from apps as well as other distractions. The main difference lies in how you must to ensure that apps are not restricted through Do Not Disturb. As a default feature, Do Not Disturb blocks all apps.

In Focus Mode, you select those apps that you would like to be blocked. Focus Mode is a good option if you are only looking to block certain apps and Do Not Disturb can be better for those who only wish to let certain apps be disruptive to you.

Enable Android Focus Mode on Your Phone

Focus Mode is a Digital well-being feature found on the stock version of Android. It’s possible that it’ll be the same on any device, even if it’s not the brand Samsung or perhaps Xiaomi.

  1. Go to Settings. This can be done via your quick setting panel or the drawer of apps.
  2. Scroll down to select Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls.
  3. Find and choose Focus Mode.
  4. You’ll see a list of applications in an order that is based on the frequency of your use.
  5. Choose the apps you wish to deactivate notifications from when Android Focus Mode is on.
  6. Double-tap on the upper right to reveal quick options.
  7. Tap the Edit (Pencil icon) button.
  8. Scroll down to look for The focus mode tile.
  9. Click to open the Focus Mode tile, or drag and drop it onto the quickly-settings panel.
  10. Click on the button back to go back.

Beginning today, Focus Mode is just one click away. You can turn on or off Android Focus Mode using this simple setting tile.

Schedule Automatic Focus Mode on Android

If you are using Focus Mode for a fixed period of time each day, you may consider it easier to automatize the process. This is a standard feature, meaning you don’t require any additional programs.

  1. Go to SettingsDigital Wellbeing & Parental Controls > Focus Mode.
  2. Tap Set a Schedule. You must be using at minimum one application is chosen for this feature to work.
  3. Choose a start and finish date and also the days you would like the schedule to run.
  4. Click the Set button when the time is up.

Android Focus Mode will now automatically switch off and on during the time and days. When Focus Mode is on, you will receive a constant alert. You have the possibility to take a break.

It lets you switch off Focus Mode quickly and conveniently for a brief time. In this period, you will be notified of blocked applications, and you can have a break from work. This will not impact your scheduled schedule.

The hype surrounding smartphones has slowed down somewhat however, smartphone addiction is still a reality. Google’s Digital Wellbeing tools are meant to aid users in staying away from their devices when they’re not required. If you’re feeling the need to reply to those annoying notifications while working, Focus Mode on Android is a great option.