7 Best Wireless Android Auto Adapters to Connect Your Android Phone with Your Car Wirelessly

This Wireless Android Auto Adapter can convert your wired Android Auto media systems into wireless media stations. These devices provide great connectivity and have dual-band WiFi as well as Bluetooth.

Similar to those CarPlay dongles we decided it was time to go with the most effective wireless Android Auto adapters to be on the lookout for in 2022. We’ve got a few options to offer our readers this time around.

1. Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter

Its MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter is among the most effective Android Auto car dongles you are able to find today. It’s stylish, sleek, very durable, and boasts outstanding connectivity. MA1 is sleek and stylish, with exceptional connectivity. MA1 is Motorola’s most popular Wireless Android Dongle. It provides wireless connectivity to your old car’s media system.

The only thing you must keep an eye on is whether the system you have can be Android Auto compatible. It’s a simple process. Its plug n Play, lets you connect it to your Media system through the USB input of type C. Once connected the seamless connection makes it the best in its field.

The MA1 has 5GHz WiFi. It lets you connect to Android Smartphones and sees that no loss of transmission is ever experienced. This allows for the process of navigating and setting up routes as well as media streaming, placing calls, and sending texts simple. The Motorola MA1 was launched just recently and if you’d like to buy one, you’ll need to visit the Motorola Online Store.


  • Simple setup
  • The connection that is reliable
  • Make use of the less USB standard port.
  • It works well with nearly any connected Android Auto enabled vehicles


  • Expensive

2. AAwireless Android Auto Dongle

Its AAWireless Dongle works quite well with nearly all cars equipped with Android Auto. It’s surprisingly fluid in its transmission, and incredibly in terms of hardware. The Dongle operates on WiFi and comes with a USB C connector.

The WiFi can be connected to Android smartphones. Additionally, the USB C connector lets you connect it to the car’s media system. This QuadCore 1.3GHz processor in the Dongle is quite reliable. It has higher transmission speeds and ensures there isn’t any audio or video lag that occurs. It also comes with an application that allows you to update the Dongle’s firmware. The firmware update is essential if do not want to suffer from lags and other problems.


  • High-quality build and input interfaces
  • Excellent sync between video and audio


  • Expensive
  • Occasional connection drops

3. CarLink AI Box

This CarLink AI box is a nifty Wireless Android Auto Adapter that can transform your old information system. It comes with a 4G cellular network, an inbuilt GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth which makes it among the most reliable systems to connect. CarLink AI Box CarLink AI Box supports dual-band WiFi. With support for Android Auto, you can seamlessly access all of your Android apps within your display. It is important to know that CarLink AI Box CarLink AI Box supports only the Touch-enabled Media Systems.

Alongside in addition to Android support, there’s also the Apple CarPlay support. Its Plug N Play interface makes it simpler to use. USB A and the USB A and the USB Type C converter makes it simple to connect to nearly all Media information systems.


  • It is easy to connect
  • Streaming options are great
  • Included are apps such as Youtube, Google Maps
  • Inbuilt GPS


  • Doesn’t support certain SIMs
  • Laggy video playback

4. Pucasouai Android Auto Wireless Dongle

Its Pucasouai Wireless Android Auto Adapter is a useful gadget to look for. It allows wireless connectivity due to the dual-band WiFi built into it. It also supports Bluetooth and GPS to improve the connection between your Android phones. It is a Wireless Android Auto Adaptor is solid in terms of performance. It comes featuring an Octa-Core processor that will ensure smooth and smooth performance for each connection.

Its Pucasouai Android Auto Wireless dongle works with the 4G mobile network. If you’re using a supported 4G Sim it is possible to connect to the internet without WiFi. The whole device is fairly reliable. With support for cross-platforms it is also possible to connect it to Apple CarPlay enabled systems.


  • Good design
  • It is easy to connect
  • The built-in apps are quick to respond


  • Expensive
  • GPS accuracy isn’t always accurate in certain situations.

5. Binize Wireless Android Auto Adapter

It’s Belize Wireless Android Auto Adapter works with all Android Auto-enabled wired Media systems. It is connected to your Android phones using Bluetooth or Wifi. Dual-channel WiFi ensures the issue of latency never takes place. Its Android Auto Wireless Dongle comes with a built-in GPS. It also has the alternative to switching to the 4G mobile network if you’re using the 4G SIM.

With its cross-platform compatibility, this elegant device can be used with Apple CarPlay as well as the Android Auto infotainment systems. With regards to appearance, the whole device is small. There’s an SD micro slot, close to the slot there is a SIM slot. This type C power input is plugged into the vehicle’s USB port. With this device, you will be able to enjoy real-time navigation using the Wifi or 4G mobile network. There’s a wide selection of entertainment apps already installed, which means you don’t have to stream media from your smartphone all the time.


  • Good connectivity
  • Solid built quality
  • Incorporates LED status indicators


  • Occasional WiFi drop

6. MGears MStick Android Auto Dongle

MStick Wireless Android Auto Adapter MStick Wireless Android Auto Adapter isn’t the typical wireless adaptor that you’ve seen in the past. It’s small, very small that it appears similar to an actual Pendrive. It simplifies your drive by wirelessly connecting to it to your Android smartphone. It comes with dual-channel WiFi in addition to Bluetooth. The main unit is equipped with a USB A head that connects to the car’s multimedia system.

The device comes with pre-installed apps accessible via your media system with touch capabilities. When you have the MStick connected to your smartphone, you are able to arrange routes, place calls, make important appointments, and much more in a matter of minutes. Additionally, having the smallest and most user-friendly design makes it an excellent option to think about if you’re facing an issue with your budget.


  • Easy to use
  • Wireless connections that are compact and simple to connect
  • Affordable


  • Random disconnections
  • Reboots on occasion
  • Require firmware updates quite often

7. Leroaadz Wireless Android Auto AI Box

The Leroaads Wireless Android Auto AI Box is very identical to CarLink AI Box. CarLink AI Box. It is a heavy design, and it comes with Wifi as well as Bluetooth connectivity. You can join it to the 4G Cellular Network, if you’re possessing a 4G enabled SIM. The Smart Android Auto Wireless dongle has an integrated GPS. Octa-core processor and 4GB RAM allow you to perform quick operations in a short time.

The greatest aspect is the fact that this AI box operates on the latest Android 10. This makes applications and other tasks incredibly fast. This makes other processes and apps pretty quick. The Wireless AI box connects with your vehicle’s HUD using its USB cable. Additionally, you’ll get a USB Type C connector in case your vehicle requires this Type C interface. After connecting to the USB port, the device draws energy through the USB port and creates an encrypted connection to the system.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple connection via WiFi
  • Affordable
  • Rapid response and quick set-up


  • Overheating issues
  • A little big


This is our top list of seven best Wireless Android Auto Adapters that are guaranteed to provide excellent performance. As you can see there are a few dongles such as the Motorola MA1 and the studiers models such as that the Belize Android AI Box. These dongles like the MA1 are designed intended for Android Auto connectivity. However, AI boxes aren’t. AI boxes are cross-platform compatible. It’s now your responsibility to decide and choose the most suitable one for your car.