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Nova Launcher is one of the most popular android system launcher which changes everything in the device from icons to features. With this launcher, you can completely change the screen of your device and get lots of new and amazing features.
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This is a robust launcher that lets you to ify aspects of the icons you use, your folders and even your screen. Nova launcher Prime Apk comes with top-quality graphics. Simply placing your fingers touching the desktop displays a change across three dimensions. You can make use of gestures in your device to switch dimensions.

It is also possible to import customized icons to different desktops, as well as through your settings you can download these icons onto other devices. Nova Launcher Prime, a cost-per-use version of the Nova launcher. The application is provided by the tesla coil software.

What are the steps to take?

It is a must-have launcher loader that allows Android users to alter the appearance of their phone. It is possible to change the background, alter the hue, color alter the effects of graphics and customize the icons, get access to amazing widgets, and more. Nova launcher lets users enjoy smooth, responsive and intuitive experience using their smartphones. In the end, you’ll be able to feel very comfortable every time you open your phone.


The launcher is currently supported by all Android devices available with the exception of a few. Your smartphone is likely to be suitable for the application as it’s an outdated device. old. Installation is quite easy. All you have to do is install the application on the Android device, then open it and then activate its functions. The application will take effect at the time you reboot the launcher settings.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk  Nova Launcher Prime Apk Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Amazing features

The Nova Launcher is loaded with useful features that can make your phone more comfortable and user-friendly.

Customizable icons that can be customized

The issue with smartphone icons is that they appear more and less intuitive as time passes. The reason is that our brains are designed to become accustomed to the same type of visual communication. Thus, the majority of icons will eventually become monotonous and uninteresting to us.

By using Nova Launcher customized icons, users can decide to change their app’s icon to anything they prefer. This allows you to look at the screen of your phone much more relaxing.

Re-allocate the apps to sub-grids

For those who have difficulties finding the desired application when looking through the messy configurations of the launcher’s original or Nova Launcher’s Sub Grids feature of Nova Launcher allows them to efficiently place apps in the correct folder.

So, whenever you’re required to open an application instead of browsing through the endless lists, you’ll be able to discover it by looking through the subfolders.

ify the color

In the case of color preferences, opinions of different users. Some may prefer a light and soft color scheme, and others would prefer to see warm hues on their phone’s screen.

Thanks to Nova Launcher, Android users are now able to access hundreds of color options for their phones. You can change the color of the scroll bars, badges, folders backgrounds, and more. This lets you create a suitable layout to suit their device.

Customizable animation

In addition to the color options that you can customize You can also alter the effects of transitions and scrolling of tabs, apps as well as in your mobile. This allows your phone to stay amazing without getting bored by the monotonous animations.

Widgets that are useful

Users can also install useful widgets to their devices through Nova. Nova widget library. The library provides widgets that can be used for better managing your smartphone’s activities. In addition you can design an appealing home screen with the widgets that are provided.

Create layouts by importing layouts of other launchers

Nova Launcher lets users to build scrollable docks for their mobile screen. Furthermore, you can navigate between docks with ease to make sure you have a consistent process. Furthermore you can also include widgets on the docks and make each dock with specific types of widgets.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Nova Launcher Prime Apk Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Rapid and fast-paced experiences

Despite having an interface that is customizable with a variety of features that can be adjusted however, the Nova Launcher is surprisingly fast and responsive. It allows you to switch between docks and tabs at a excellent speed and smoothness. Even on devices that are quite old that we’ve tested The launcher is still performing excellently with no delay.

Lock Nova Launcher Prime for additional options

To unlock other amazing features and experience the free experience without ads You can buy Nova Launcher Prime from Google Play Store. It lets you make gestures such as swiping pressing, pinching or tapping on the home screen to create shortcuts to access your widgets and apps.

On top of the screen of your lock, you’ll get an entire message that explains the messages that aren’t read, emails as well as Facebook’s inbox and more. This will help you manage your communication and social tasks on your phone with minimal effort.

If you have your own secret applications that you don’t wish to be exposed to others even though they’ve been able to control your device. It is possible to use the hide apps feature that blocks the icon for the app and allows security options to the apps.

Absolutely cost-free

But you can use using the Nova Launcher Prime on Google Play will cost you to pay a amount of money. Are you looking for a totally free launcher with similar features? If you’re interested, visit our website now. Find Nova Launcher Prime on our website. Download Nova Launcher Prime APK and install it on your device. The installation process is similar to other smartphone applications and takes only a few minutes until you’ve got Nova Launcher Prime ready on your Android.

Frequent updates

There are millions of users who use it, there is no doubt that there are still issues and flaws in the launcher. But, because of the speedy responses from developers and the regular updates that fix bugs, Nova Launcher is considered as one of the top launchers for Android devices.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The interface for users is extremely user-friendly.
  • It’s extremely customizable it is compared to other launchers that are available.
  • It offers rapid and fast-moving performance.
  • This version, which is free of charge this launcher has many of the most advanced features.


  • It’s difficult to use for novices as it is not equipped with a instruction.
  • It’s also difficult to remove the applications from it.
  • There are no frequent updates available in the launcher.


Q. Does it come with a free launcher?

The Nova Launcher, Prime Apk comes with the freemium version and the premium version in separate versions. The free version comes with many features that are sufficient to satisfy the needs of a user. The premium version is bought to gain the features that are not available in the fermium version.

Q. Does this device have the right to be installed?

It is extremely safe to use this feature. It doesn’t contain malware or any other risks. You can even block your phone’s apps.

Q. Does it freeze the app and the device?

No at all. It’s an excellent launcher, highly recommended. It will not cause freezes on the phone or applications if it’s smaller in size.

Q. Do you require higher versions of Android to be installed?

Yes, you can download it on any Android smartphone that is running 5.0 and up.

Most Recommended APKs

Conclusion Nova launcher prime is a great app that can transform your schedule using your phone. This is the most viewed launcher application for Android currently. The method of manipulating apps is slightly different and altered through this app. Simply download the application.

You’ll be enjoying the application more than you think of. We’re hoping that we’ve given you all the details regarding the app. If you have any queries or queries, please leave a comment below

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